How many storms will rise today?

As I gaze in your eyes today.


Time does not pass but now you’re here,

How quickly our time flies today.


Just turn your look away from him,

And see how someone dies today.


You’ll see him in the shining stars,

Just look up at the skies today.


He cannot drive away your thoughts,

No matter how he tries today.imageedit_2_6844032175

A Valentine’s Ghazal

You perfumed my life and now the world knows,

My heart is a garden, my love is a rose.


The leaves of my memory will fall at your feet,

No matter which way the autumn wind blows.


A piece of dried wood, is what I am now,

I’ll drift in your sea wherever it flows.


With you by my side, my courage is such,

I’ll face with a smile all storms that life throws.


The seed of your love, now blooms in my heart

That love is a tree, how quickly it grows.


So many huge trees, were lining your path,

I thank you sweetheart, my love that you chose



They dug a hole deep in the ground and I was put inside,

With all my faults and all my sins, forever I will hide.

Somewhere a heart that feels my love, will want me to be near,

Sometimes those eyes that were my life will shed a silent tear.

Most people will pass by my grave; they will not stop to pause,

They will not know, they will not care, I miss a life that was.

My skin and flesh will turn to dust, so will my heart and brain,

But somewhere deep down in the sand, unfulfilled dreams remain.