I  sew the letters one by one,

The words then form a line.

And when you read them as a verse,

Your heart then melts in mine.

I bought you with these words of love,

That I write night and day.

And though you tried, I’ll tell you clear,

You cannot turn away.


My words will glide over your skin,

Inhaling your sweet smell.

And then they enter every pore

Where they will always dwell.


My words will bore in to your soul,

They’ll wrap around your mind.

And like a lover’s hungry touch,

They’ll feel and search and find.



Your kiss is blowing in the breeze,

Your thoughts fall down as rain.

Your name is whispered by the seas,

Your tears are in my pain.


I’ve loved you from the day of birth,

Your face is in my eyes.

Though yesterday you walked this Earth,

Today you rule the skies.


Your smiles are making mornings bright

Your tears fall down as dew,

Your eyes will sparkle in the night,

Each time I look at you.


I see you floating in the skies,

Now angels are your friends.

A lonely son with tears in eyes,

His love and blessing sends