Your days as well as mine are filled with a sweet smell,
Your room is full of roses and in my heart you dwell.
Those droplets on your face after morning’s shower,
Are so much better than dew drops on a flower.
And when your eyelids close, the day turns into night,
Of what use is the sun, of what use is its light?
The magic of this world is hidden in your eyes,
It’s wrapped around your smiles; it’s hidden in your sighs.




Come let us make a wish,
While gazing at the stars,
It’s time to end the hate,
It’s time to heal the scars.

The Earth is big enough,
For all to live with love,
We swim in the same sea,
We share the sky above.

The same things make us smile,
We all feel the same pain.
One sun shines on us all,
The same clouds give us rain.

Come let us live in peace,
Let us give love a try,
We don’t have much time here
For soon we will all die.

It’s time to end the hate,
It’s time to heal the scars.
Come let us make a wish,
While gazing at the stars.


The lady moon, she rules the sky,
She’s clothed in her dress of night.
The world awaits with bated breath,
Just waits for her to share her light.

She has a grace not seen before,
Her beauty brightens up the skies,
Treasures of a long lost time,
Are hidden deep inside her eyes.

Her beauty is not of this earth,
One can’t describe her timeless grace.
You look once and you won’t forget,
Her hair, her form, her lovely face.


The first time that you held my hand,
You said you won’t let go.
How long would your forever last,
Alas I did not know.
And every time you held my hand,
You somehow touched my soul.
The broken fragments of my life,
You healed and made them whole.

Now put my hand on yours today,
So I can feel your touch.
And hold me close before you leave,
I do not ask for much.
You promised love till I would die,
You filled my days with fun.
And as you leave and go away,
Maybe my days are done.

What is the song without the bird?
Or leaves without the tree?
What are the clouds without the sky?
Or waves without the sea?
What is my life when you’re not there?
A darkened endless night,
And every time you hold my hand,
Then everything seems bright.