No tearful farewells or goodbyes,
No lame excuse or blatant lies.
No promises to meet again.
To bring back smiles and ease the pain.
No words of hope or of regret,
As if we had not ever met.
Much like the night lost in the day,
One day my love, I’ll go away.

I’ll come and leave you like a breeze,
Just think of me as one of these:
A rainbow that has left the sky,
A teardrop fallen from your eye.
A wave that has died in the sea,
A leaf that’s fallen from a tree.
My days are few, I cannot stay,
One day my love, I’ll go away.



And now towards my Lord, I go.
My shoulders drooped, my steps are slow.
I thought I had a lot of time,
I’d mend my ways, I’d stop my crime.
But somehow I had failed to see,
The face of death, staring at me.

I passed a life of sin and lust,
I broke my vows and lost His trust.
I failed to pray, I did not fast,
And thoughts of HIM were always last.
He is the truth, all else is fake,
All that He wants, I would forsake.

And now before my Lord, I go,
My back is bent, my eyes are low.
Lord of Mercy, YOU are the One
Who can forgive, all I have done.
Forgive me Lord, I do implore,
And let me enter Heaven’s door.
10th July, 2014


The bird would sing songs from a faraway tree,
I stole her from there, she is singing for me.
I took someone’s sun, it is now in my sky.
But the darkness behind, keeps asking me why?
How many more graves will I have to uproot,
And thus play my tunes, from a stranger’s flute.
The dreams that I live, aren’t yours nor are mine,
If this will go on, things can never be fine.
The time has now come, it is now quite clear,
We have to let go, of thing that are dear.
Our love will not die, it stays on in heart,
But we will now spend our days far apart.