I close my eyes and hide those dreams,

That will not see the light.

Why does it feel when I’m with you,

That everything is right.


Someone has given you his name,

We have to stay apart,

But when had you stretched out your soul,

And handed me your heart?


Your fragrance sweetens someone’s night,

Your smiles brighten their day.

And all I get are whispered words,

A thousand miles away.


How much I want you in my arms,

How many times I cry,

And though I breathe, I eat, I live,

How many times I die?

(26 June 2014)






She was born into a village and stubborn was her clan,

Where a woman was an object and she was sold to man.

He may own a lot of cattle and have a lot of land,

But the women he paraded would make him look quite grand.


She was very young and pretty and was married to a guy,

So what if he was thrice her age, he could afford to buy.

She was forced into this marriage and did not have a say,

Though her heart had surrendered to a man not far away.


Now a love cannot be hidden, he was in every breath,

The husband learnt about her love and now she would face death.

The greatest sin a girl could do was that she fell in love,

Her punishment (they falsely said), had been decreed above.


The man she loved had come one night, a way to run, they sought,

They did not manage to go far, and both of them were caught.

They did not succumb to the rules and both were hanged that day,

For sometimes when you break the chains, death is not far away.



The roots are there beneath the ground,

It’s something you can’t see,

It holds the branches, leaves and trunks,

That makes the mighty tree.


The roots are there within our hearts,

Though we have now moved far.

We are a family, we’ll stay one,

No matter where we are.


When one was down the others would,

Be there to wipe the tears.

We shared the smiles, we shared the laughs,

And thus we passed the years.


No matter where we go in life,

We’ll share the family line.

The blood that flows within your veins,

That blood is flowing in mine.






I saw you once upon a dream,

And asked the Lord above,

To send you in my barren world,

And fill my days with love.


My thirsty eyes, will search for you,

Where ever you may be,

Your sweet and lovely face is all,

I ever long to see.


Just find me worthy of your love

And give your heart to me,

And keep my heart, my love, my soul,

Up till eternity.



She came to me and gave a smile and handed me the keys,

She gave her garden as a gift, its flowers, fruits and trees.

I turned the lock and stepped inside and marveled what I saw,

Such perfect trees, such ripened fruit, I could not see a flaw.

I took a plum between my lips and gave a gentle bite,

The juice that filled my mouth told me, the sweetness was just right.

I took the mangoes in my hand; they felt so soft and sweet,

I knew my tongue would very soon, enjoy a lovely treat.

The melons made my mouth water; I felt my hunger grow,

I bit in to their juicy flesh; I knew it would be so.

And finally between the trees, I found the hidden peach,

The garden and its tasty fruits are now within my reach.



In the silence of my world where I thought no one could be,

I had often felt your touch, you were always there with me.

You had been the gentle waves, that was splashing at my shore,

You had been the morning breeze that was knocking at my door.

You had been the autumn leaves, that were falling at my feet,

You had been that evening star, I could see but never meet.

You were like the winter snow that was falling down so clear

When I clutched it in my hand, it would melt and disappear.

You are everywhere I look; you are everywhere I see,

You are very far away, but are always near to me