There is no joy the world can give; like that it takes away,

And now I know Lord Byron, what truth you wrote that day.

You’ll meet the person you loved, in that very, very place,

But the joy of days gone past, these days cannot replace.


The spark you lit inside my heart, has died with years of pain.

The love that flowed inside my veins, will no more flow again.

In days gone by, each time I looked, you took my breath away,

And the fire in my soul, it does not burn today.


Eyes full of tears, I held your hand, I said that I would die,

You said that people always part; just give your life a try.

You turned away and as you left, that hurt was something new,

In life, no one should feel that pain, O Lord I pray to you,


Years and years have passed us by; I’m not what I had been,

How I built my life again, if only you had seen,

And now you clasp my hand and say, without me you will die,

I turn away and say to you, please give your life a try.



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