You stepped into my world and opened up a door,

A door that was opened, by no one else before.

You stepped into my life and made each day a dream,

For dreams are always perfect and that’s what my days seem.

You stepped onto my path and laid the road with flowers,

And thus you have sweetened, life’s minutes and life’s hours.

I have much to offer you but nothing more to give,

Than this hearts devotion, every minute that I live.

(From the book, A Vagabond Heart by Shabeeh Haider)



  1. A soul longing for love, has found, at last the love of his life.
    While tasting this supreme blissful feeling, he expresses his
    total devotion and submission to her.
    His existence is merged completely with her existence.
    He is there, because she is there – he does not exist, if she is not there.
    Glory of Love.

  2. Than this heart’s devotion, every minute that I live……….
    I loved this……..Its the worthiest of a thing in love to give, if some one can understand…………….

    Very heart touching,,,,,,,,,sir,,,,,,,,,,,inspiring………….

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