There is no joy the world can give; like that it takes away,

And now I know Lord Byron, what truth you wrote that day.

You’ll meet the person you loved, in that very, very place,

But the joy of days gone past, these days cannot replace.


The spark you lit inside my heart, has died with years of pain.

The love that flowed inside my veins, will no more flow again.

In days gone by, each time I looked, you took my breath away,

And the fire in my soul, it does not burn today.


Eyes full of tears, I held your hand, I said that I would die,

You said that people always part; just give your life a try.

You turned away and as you left, that hurt was something new,

In life, no one should feel that pain, O Lord I pray to you,


Years and years have passed us by; I’m not what I had been,

How I built my life again, if only you had seen,

And now you clasp my hand and say, without me you will die,

I turn away and say to you, please give your life a try.




They are mine,

Tell me one day they are mine,

Those hair like clouds on heaven’s face,

Those eyes that in the darkness shine,

Tell me one day, they are mine,


They are mine,

Tell me that they are for me.

Those lips with nectar on their tips,

Those smiles, I always long to see,

Tell me that they are for me.


You are mine.

Tell me one day you are mine.

Your every smile, your every cry

Your every tear, your every sigh,

Tell me with my love, I’ve bought

Your every dream, your every thought.


In all my poems, you’ll live and shine.

Just tell me one day, YOU ARE MINE.   

( From the book, A VAGABOND HEART, by Shabeeh Haider)





I was gazing at the mirror,

And all that I could see,

Your face there on the other side,

Was looking back at me.


I put my fingers on the glass,

Your fingers did the same.

The warmth of your touch made it clear,

Life wasn’t playing a game.


This is the distance, you and I

Can’t cover, though we tried,

Alone I stand in front of you,

You face the other side.




The tremor in my voice reveals,

The love I cannot show.

I dare not take your name on lips.

For then the world will know.

I hide you deep inside my heart,

I do not let them see,

But still my face will always tell.

How much you mean to me.

I turn away each time you pass,

But still I miss a breath.

And people give a knowing smile,

Who do not know it yet?

 I close my eyes each time you pass,

So no one sees the shine,

But without words love says aloud,

That you are only mine.


(20th May 2014)





They dug a hole deep in the ground and I was put inside,

With all my faults and all my sins, forever I will hide.

Somewhere a heart that feels my love, will want me to be near,

Sometimes those eyes that were my life will shed a silent tear.

Most people will pass by my grave; they will not stop to pause,

They will not know, they will not care, I miss a life that was.

My skin and flesh will turn to dust, so will my heart and brain,

But somewhere deep down in the sand, unfulfilled dreams remain.




Beyond my thoughts, beyond my dreams,

There is a world, they say.

The sun and light, they beckon me,

Your memories tell me, “stay”


If I would chase new butterflies,

Then no more will I grieve,

But is their joy beyond your name,

I just cannot believe.             


You are the reason that I breathe,

I am because you are.

The moon will always circle Earth,

So what if it is far?


(13 May 2014)Image



You stepped into my world and opened up a door,

A door that was opened, by no one else before.

You stepped into my life and made each day a dream,

For dreams are always perfect and that’s what my days seem.

You stepped onto my path and laid the road with flowers,

And thus you have sweetened, life’s minutes and life’s hours.

I have much to offer you but nothing more to give,

Than this hearts devotion, every minute that I live.

(From the book, A Vagabond Heart by Shabeeh Haider)