How many storms will rise today?

As I gaze in your eyes today.


Time does not pass but now you’re here,

How quickly our time flies today.


Just turn your look away from him,

And see how someone dies today.


You’ll see him in the shining stars,

Just look up at the skies today.


He cannot drive away your thoughts,

No matter how he tries today.imageedit_2_6844032175


I wanted a drop; you sent me the sea,

I asked for a leaf, you gave me the tree.

I asked for some hope, you sent me a dream,

To bathe in your love, you sent me a stream.


I asked for a rose, you showed me your smile,

I took a small step, you moved back a mile.

I asked for a tear, you sent me the rain,

I wanted to write, you sent me the pain


A Valentine’s Ghazal

You perfumed my life and now the world knows,

My heart is a garden, my love is a rose.


The leaves of my memory will fall at your feet,

No matter which way the autumn wind blows.


A piece of dried wood, is what I am now,

I’ll drift in your sea wherever it flows.


With you by my side, my courage is such,

I’ll face with a smile all storms that life throws.


The seed of your love, now blooms in my heart

That love is a tree, how quickly it grows.


So many huge trees, were lining your path,

I thank you sweetheart, my love that you chose




I’m trapped in myself,

And there’s no way out.

For no one listens,

Even though I shout.

I have lost the path,

I can’t find the light.

I search for the day,

In an endless night.

Trapped in my body,

And trapped in my mind,

I search for myself,

But I cannot find.

I’m in a prison,

I don’t want to be,

Would someone come here

And then set me free.

30 January. 2015oppressed-women


If love is in the air, so will  you love again?

Do you miss love’s pleasure and is love worth the pain?

Those sleepless nights in bed, when mind is full of fears,

The heart is filled with pain and eyes are full of tears.

When one name is on lips and one face in the eyes,

A glance can give him life; you look away, he dies.

You need to see that face, you need to hear that voice,

And then your day will start and then you will rejoice.

You stand at the crossroads, for love is in the air,

You turn and walk away for love is just a snare.

snare 1


Come let us play our songs of love,

That we had played before.

And as this year passes away,

Its sweetness will be more.


You are the strings on my guitar,

You are the beat of drum.

You are the rhythm in my life,

You are the songs I hum.


You are the sweet sound of the flute,

That with my lips, I kiss,

And as I blow into your soul,

That music is pure bliss.


Come let us play our songs of love,

That we played all year long.

And let the year come to an end,

It will not end our song.

1st December. 2014

love pic



I  sew the letters one by one,

The words then form a line.

And when you read them as a verse,

Your heart then melts in mine.

I bought you with these words of love,

That I write night and day.

And though you tried, I’ll tell you clear,

You cannot turn away.


My words will glide over your skin,

Inhaling your sweet smell.

And then they enter every pore

Where they will always dwell.


My words will bore in to your soul,

They’ll wrap around your mind.

And like a lover’s hungry touch,

They’ll feel and search and find.